I have been an event manager for 6 years now nad have interacted with peers in my industry, vendors, agencies, interns and students.

A number of times these people have mistaken identities of who they are or what is their worth?

I've not done the foolhardiness of advising my peers, but I used to tell my students to compare themselves with architects. And trust me there're a lot of similarities there! Like an architect, an event manager also creates a reality out of a concept. And most times this concept is very vague in the beginning; and as it crystalizes the final thought takes shape. A client seldom comes to an event manager with exact requirements and specifications - in most cases it is just a latent need. They spell it out like - "we need the best designs" or " we need a concept that's never been seen before in the city" or "we want to make our guests feel special"; and then the event manager decodes this to derive the final deliverables.

Also, like an architect, an event manager should not be expected to hold inventory! Have you visited an architect's office ever and saw cement bags or steel bars or paint cans stocked there? No you haven't. In the same way, an event manager sources the best material as per the client's requiements and builds their dream.

Unfortunately, the people visit more events than they get their houses constructed and therefore discount the efforts, expertise and experience of an event manager and his company. Hoping the clients mature along with the industry.