Wedding planning is usually seen as the job with glam and glory both, not to mention a load of profits! The good news, ladies and gentlemen, is that it isn’t right – wait that’s the bad news! But that be some other day. Almost the same number of my clients complain that I do not look like a wedding planner!

I wonder is that coz I wear a striped shirt or do not bother dying my hair or use an equal number of yes-es and no-s when they demand their fairy-world out of me. Frankly, to be and practice wedding planning, we do not have to look the part. Sorry folks, the time has gone when you can impress your wedding clients with cheap colourful shirt, loud accessories and promising them the sun and the moon. Coz now, the client understands.

She understands when you’re talking sense to her and when you aren’t. She understands there’re things that should be done, can be done and CANNOT be done. she appreciates novelty, she understands constraints and she can differentiate between the wheat and the chaff and well, pay for the right stuff.

So stop impressing her with the blue stone embedded bracelet and start doing these –

1.       Listen to the client’s needs – both stated and latent

2.       Do not jump in with the designs and concepts, give the process some time and options

3.       Stop imitating blindly (doesn’t mean not getting inspired) and design the event on case to case basis

4.       Give a genuine quote and be ready to align with the client’s price point

5.       Be available and accessible

6.       And last but not the least – under-commit and over-deliver (like any other business).